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Wisdom Tooth Removal During Covid 19

Please call us or fill out our contact form to book an appointment for wisdom tooth removal during Covid 19. We are taking every precaution to ensure you a safe, and comfortable wisdom tooth removal during COVID-19. Our dental team is excited to see you, and remove your widsom teeth during the COVID-19 pandemic our dental office!

We are taking every precaution to ensure your return to our office is safe, comfortable, and pleasant.

What is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

In most cases, inadequate space in the mouth does not allow the wisdom teeth to erupt properly and become fully functional. When this happens, the tooth can become impacted (stuck) in an undesirable or potentially harmful position. If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can contribute to infection, damage to other teeth (such as crowding), and possibly cysts or tumors.

An infection from wisdom teeth can cause considerable pain and danger.

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