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Dental Implants Special for 2019

Dental Implants Special for 2019 Toronto

Dental Implants starting at 2,499 - for a limited time!

If you have any teeth missing and have been thinking about replacing them, call us to take advantage of our limited time special.

Leaving empty spaces in your mouth after losing one or more teeth can lead to long-term health issues such as jawbone deterioration. It can also make other teeth shift from their positions. However most people tend to ignore missing teeth, or postpone getting dental implants right away due to the costs associated with them. We are hoping our Special Offer will help you by making this more affordable.

Cost of Dental Implants is a deciding factor for a lot of people.

Luma Dental in Toronto wants to give people a chance to fix their smile and improve oral health by offering a limited time special price on Dental Implants. We always use high quality materials for Dental Implants and strive for excellence in every procedure. Even though dental implants have many non-cosmetic benefits such as improved speech and improved bite, the procedure is still considered cosmetic. It is a good idea to check with your insurance provider to determine whether any of the cost can be offset. We can put in a request to your benefit provider to inquire whether a portion of the implants would be covered.

Dental Implants can now be more affordable!

Dental Implants Special for 2019 Toronto

If you have any questions related to dental implant procedure, costs and/or whether or not you are a candidate please do contact Luma Dental right away, we're happy to help.

Please book an appointment with our dentists to see if dental implants are the right option for you. Luma Dental provides excellent dental implant services to our patients in Toronto.