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Tooth extraction is never an enjoyable topic. Every dentist tries to preserve your natural tooth as much as possible, but sometimes a tooth extraction is inevitable. Meanwhile, it is often a necessary treatment for your oral health. In this case, Luma Dental experienced dentists are ready to provide you with a painless tooth extraction in Toronto. No matter you have to undergo a non-surgical tooth removal or need a surgical extraction, you can visit our skilled oral surgeon here at Luma dental for a flawless and painless treatment. If you are suffering specific dental issues such as a severely damaged tooth, do not hesitate to contact us and benefit from the best Toronto tooth Extraction services in Luma Dental.

Tooth Extraction in Toronto
Tooth Extraction

Why Luma Dental Tooth Extraction in Toronto?

Many reasons put you in need of tooth extraction. Severe tooth decay, certain oral diseases, broken tooth, gum disease, or preparation for getting Invisalign braces are among the reasons that force you to have your tooth extracted. Finding the right dentist for tooth extraction is not an easy task. However, by selecting Luma Dental for tooth extraction, you have made the right decision. The major concern of our patients is whether tooth extraction is a painful dental procedure or not. We ensure you that our top dentists deliver the best Toronto tooth extraction services with no pain and complications afterward. No matter why you need a tooth extraction, Luma dental is a top dental clinic in Toronto to help you best. 

How Is Tooth Extraction Performed?

Tooth extraction, also known as tooth removal, is among the most common dental procedures that can be performed for both children and adults. Tooth extraction dentists typically perform the treatment under local anesthesia. In better words, they numb the area around the intended tooth so that you don’t feel any pain during the extraction procedure. Luma Dental tooth extraction services in Toronto cause no pain and side effects during the removal process and afterward. You shouldn’t also worry about your missing teeth after the tooth extraction procedure since we offer affordable dental implants in Toronto to replace them professionally. 

Tooth Extraction Performed

When Is the Tooth Extraction Required?

No one desires to extract a tooth unless they are convinced it is beneficial and required. Dentists always try their best to utilize restorative dental treatments such as root canal therapy rather than extracting the damaged tooth. However, there are some situations in which you have no choice other than a tooth extraction. Accidents leading to severe tooth damage, tooth infection that is spreading, impacted teeth, crowded teeth, and severe tooth decay are among the most common reasons for tooth extraction. At Luma Dental, we strive to preserve your natural teeth, but we can perform a professional tooth extraction for Toronto residents if required. Your comfort is our paramount priority, and we provide you with the quality dental care you deserve. Luma Dental offers the best Toronto tooth removal and wisdom tooth extraction services at the most affordable rate. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Tooth Extraction Performed

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