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The Most Advanced Root Canal Therapy in Toronto

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is a beneficial dental treatment for infected or inflamed tooth pulp. It can restore the health of your tooth and safely prevent tooth loss. Root canal therapy is sometimes the only viable treatment to retain a severely damaged or infected tooth. If you are looking for a trusted dental clinic that performs safe and painless root canal therapy in Toronto, Luma Dental is the one. Our Toronto endodontists specialize in delivering professional root canal therapy for even the most complex cases. A successful root canal treatment helps you keep your natural teeth and prevents further oral issues. We proudly provide our patients with a comfortable root canal treatment within Toronto, causing no pain and complications afterward. Contact us at +1 (416) 778-8084 and book an appointment with our trained endodontic specialists.

Root Canal Therapy Toronto
Root Canal Therapy in Toronto

How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost in Toronto?

The cost of root canal therapy in Toronto varies widely, primarily depending on the scope of damage to your tooth, the number of roots that require the treatment, whether they are curved or not, and tooth placement. For instance, molars may be the most expensive when it comes to the cost of root canal therapy. In general, the cost of root canal therapy in Toronto ranges between $480 to $1180. Luma Dental endodontists try their best to keep root canal therapy affordable for everyone and retain their damaged teeth. We also offer emergency root canal therapy in Toronto for those in need of urgent dental care.

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Your tooth may become severely injured or damaged to the extent that the inner tooth pulp gets infected and inflamed. The pulp of your tooth contains blood vessels and nerves. As a result, such damages cause excruciating pain that interrupts your daily life. In this case, only an experienced endodontist can save the tooth by quick and on-time root canal therapy. Luma Dental endodontists perform professional root canal therapy in Toronto to restore the health, look, and function of your infected tooth. Our Toronto endodontic specialists deliver quality care to all the patients experiencing severe dental pain and save your damaged tooth in the best possible way. Contact Luma Dental for painless root canal therapy in Toronto.

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How Does Root Canal Therapy Help You?

The leading purpose of root canal treatment is to save your tooth. Tooth extraction is the final treatment your dentist applies to prevent the infection from spreading. However, by urgent root canal therapy, you can avoid tooth removal, the complications afterward, and the need for dental implants. Root canal treatment is somewhat complex and requires an endodontist’s immense expertise and experience. This is why Luma Dental employs premier endodontic specialists to utilize quality root canal therapy in Toronto. Our root canal specialists benefit from many years of endodontic experience and provide you with the highest quality care you deserve. Book your appointment for comfortable root canal therapy in Toronto and the neighborhood.

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