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What is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a dental surgical procedure to correct receding gums. Loss of gum tissue means that roots are becoming exposed, which can lead to discomfort like increased sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as increasing the risks that you will experience loss of bone tissue.

The causes of gum recession include things like periodontal disease, improper brushing techniques, grinding or clenching teeth excessively, and even lip and tongue piercings. Contributing factors that increase risks for gum recession to occur include smoking, poor oral hygiene, illnesses such as diabetes, genetics, and hormonal changes.

Gum Grafting Benefits

If excessive gum recession has occurred, the best option may be to opt for a gum graft. The procedure involves taking tissue from your palate (or another donor source) and using it to cover the exposed root.

The primary benefit of the gum graft procedure is in restoring proper protection to the exposed root and thereby reducing decay risks and returning providing reduced sensitivity.

A fantastic secondary benefit is the aesthetic enhancement of your smile.

If you have gum recession, book a consultation at Luma Dental to see if gum grafting is right for you.

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