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Crowns Toronto

When a tooth becomes heavily decayed, damaged or cracked, a filling will no longer suffice to restore the tooth. To save it from further damage and prolong its life, a crown (cap) is fitted over it as a permanent cover.

Crowns are made of a variety of materials such as porcelain, gold, acrylic, or a mixture of the prior. Although there are several types of crowns, porcelain (tooth colored crowns) are the most popular because they resemble your natural teeth. They are highly durable and will last many years, but like most dental restorations, they may eventually need to be replaced.

Porcelain crowns are made to match the shape, size, and color or your teeth giving you a natural, long-lasting beautiful smile.

Reasons for crowns:
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Heavily decayed teeth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Large fillings
  • Root-canal treated teeth

A crown procedure usually requires two appointments. Your first appointment will include preparing the tooth and taking several highly accurate molds or digital impressions that will be used to create your custom crown. A mold or digital impression will also be used to create a temporary crown which will stay on your tooth for approximately two weeks until your new crown is fabricated by a dental laboratory.

At your second appointment your temporary crown will be removed, the tooth will be cleaned, and your new crown will be carefully placed to ensure the spacing and bite are accurate.

Your new crown will look, feel & function as your own natural teeth.

Here at Luma Dental in Toronto, we offer crowns and bridge services to our patients. If you have missing teeth, please call us at (416) 778-8084 and book a consultation with our dentist to discuss your options.